Professional Grade Vitamins & Supplements

At The Medicine Store we focus on providing high quality products for our customers. Our vitamins & supplements are professional grade, meaning they have been tested and we have generated a report to prove that what is listed on the label is truly what’s in the bottle. The products in our store with our logo on them are made by a professional grade company called Wellness Works.

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If you have any question don’t hesitate to call the pharmacy.

If you would like to purchase a vitamin feel free to purchase online or call us for in store pick up.

We can ship your purchase to your home or select local pick up.

The FDA doesn’t regulate vitamins & supplements so The Medicine Store took that extra step in providing products that are professional grade & bioavailable, which means our vitamins & supplements are already in the absorbable form. This produces superior results, in that these vitamins are already ready to be used by the body and do not have to be converted to another chemical form in order to be absorbed as most vitamins do.

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