Ananda Full Spectrum Hemp

Ananda full spectrum extract is specifically designed to help with: anxiety, depression, sleep, chronic pain, migraines, & more. The Ananda product line we carry is full spectrum that is 100% THC free.

Ananda Full Spectrum 600mg Hemp Oil $90

Ananda Pain Relief Lotion $40

Ananda Full Spectrum 15mg Soft Gels $65

For Pets

Ananda Pets+ Oil $60

AnandaPets+ is a full spectrum hemp extract specially made for your furry friends. If your pet experiences anxiousness from car rides, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, etc. CBD could be a great option for them. Also, full spectrum hemp extract can potentially help with chronic pain or arthritis. Plus it’s bacon flavored.

If your pet is experiencing more severe health problems contact your veterinarian.